How to Christmas shop with style


Christmas shopping, particularly if last minute, can be a stressful, unglamorous affair. Do not despair, there are ways to tackle this festive sport in style.

Going Christmas shopping in London is a fierce sport, only to be played by professionals. It is a skill, cultivated with experience, to tackle the exhaustion and excitement, yet still stay focused on the sartorial mission. In particular, the city’s Oxford Street makes for a magical time of year in which to shop. Soak in the Christmas spirit with the sight of sparkling lights, the aroma of waffles with chocolate sauce and the festive window displays. However, in order to enjoy the Christmas shopping experience, you need the right outfit to withstand the crisp temperatures and, if we’re lucky, snow.

Statement-making scarves are essential in every shade to keep your neck warm, and tie together your outfit with sophistication. Funnel snoods, ruffles and satin scarves are big this season, but you can never go wrong with a classic pashmina or wrap blanket scarf. You also need a long, fur coat that is thick enough to hang all your bags off without indenting your arms, big enough to keep you warm and still fitted enough to outline your figure. Add a beret beanie hat to create a chic look, and to prevent your hair from frizzing during London’s signature showers.

Snuggly socks are a must to accompany those necessary boots. This means saying goodbye to perfectly pedicured toes, and instead putting on a pair of Santa socks. Comfy yet stylish boots are the key to your successful spree. After all, your footwear is what elevates your exhausted posture and carries you through a six-hour shopping session. UGG boots are always a good choice for shopping; they are warm, comfortable, trendy and suitable with every outfit, leaving you with a long-lasting bouncy feeling. It is necessary to have boots that enable you to be quick on your feet when hovering in goal defence for the last pair of dazzling Christmas party heels.



























































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