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Revealed: The Vault’s Top-Selling Drinks

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Editors Fintan Hogan and Connor Williams reveal the ten best-selling tipples in the Vault since this September.

10. Captain Morgan Dark Rum (940 shots)

With 16 shots to a bottle, this comes out at over 50 bottles of the Captain’s finest. Dark rum beat out its main competitor, spiced rum, a drink that (maybe surprisingly) doesn’t make the top ten. As any good pirate knows, treasure is safe when it’s in a vault – but not if you’re trying to keep it away from KCL students.

9. Camden Hells (1,009 pints)

Creeping over the 1,000 drink mark, Camden Hells is the first of two London-based drinks to make it onto the list. With the brand based just half an hour away from the Strand campus, it’s unsurprising that this local drink is so popular among students.

8. Guinness (1,539.5 pints)

A disappointingly low ranking for this iconic stout – KCL’s Irish students need to do a little better than this. That said, Roar’s only Irish editor doesn’t like the stuff, so we can’t be too critical.

7. Strongbow Original (1,760 pints)

A British classic, Strongbow is the only cider to make the top ten. 1,760 pints would require around 50,000 apples to be pressed – although we’re not sure that a pint of Strongbow counts as one of your five-a-day.

6. Jägerbomb (1,846 drinks)

As the drink equivalent of a springer spaniel, the Jägerbomb is the beverage of choice for all those party animals out there. A surefire lead to intoxication and caffeination, the KCL community have managed to collectively imbibe roughly 97.5 gallons of this rave juice.

5. Gordon’s London Dry Gin (2,019 shots)

The highest-ranked British drink on the list, Gordon’s is a little more sophisticated than the rest. Although, having seen students mix gin and Coca-Cola in the Vault before, I’m not convinced that we can draw too much from this. At £3.20 it is the cheapest gin available, providing a delightful reminder of how skint we all are.

4. Jose Cuervo Tequila Gold & Silver (2,294 shots)

This is my favrooritee driumk. I’m Drumking it naw.

3. Amstel (2,299 pints)

Just making it onto a podium position ahead of tequila, Amstel Lager takes third. At £3.80 a pint, it isn’t the cheapest available but it clearly carries a certain prestige among King’s students. The Dutch brew isn’t the highest-ranking beer, though.

2. Carling (4,748 pints)

After consulting with Roar‘s top in-house data analysts, we can now confirm that the Vault has sold enough Carling to fill just over 3 jacuzzi’s. Quite literally swimming in beer – this student favourite is second only to one.

1. Smirnoff Red Vodka (7,241 shots)

Coming in first by a country mile, Smirnoff has outsold any of its competitors by far. That’s around 450 bottles of the stuff. Widely agreed as a student’s favourite way to consume a potato (bar a waffle fry), vodka is the clearly the fan favourite.

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