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‘MASK’ – The Electrifying Halloween Collaboration of KCL DJ Society and KCL Fashion Society

On 27 October, ‘MASK’ – an electrifying Halloween event took place at the renowned Venue MOT, thanks to the collaborative effort of KCL DJ Society and KCL Fashion Society.

The event buzzed with an eclectic mix of attendees, each wearing inventive and spine-chilling costumes that ranged from medieval saints to iconic horror film characters. Nestled in the outskirts of London, the venue exuded an eerie underground charm, heightened by a faint aroma of smoke and mustiness that welcomed everyone who entered. The pulsating heartbeat of the event was the techno beats spun by the skilled KCL student DJs. Against this backdrop, the attendees revelled in an evening of fellowship and celebration.

As a renowned saying by Mason Cooley shows, “Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story”, in that event, people showcased their creativity and told a story through their costumes. I will pick up some of the attendees who stood out.

1. Clown Makeup

Among the standout costumes were the timeless clown ensembles, paying homage to the age-old tradition of spooking one another during Halloween time. 

2. Costume of Patrick Bateman

An attendee drew inspiration from Patrick Bateman, the infamous character from Bret Easton Ellis’s novel “American Psycho”. 

3. Crafted Masks

A particularly intriguing group of attendees stood out, wearing masks they had crafted during a workshop organised by KCL Art Society. This unique artistry highlighted the interconnectedness of various student societies at KCL, emphasizing the university’s rich tapestry of talent and collaboration.

4. Inspiration from Joan of Arc

In the midst of the eclectic crowd was a striking tribute to Joan of Arc, the revered patron saint of France, who had displayed unparalleled bravery during the Hundred Years’ War. The owner of the costume explained, “I wanted to be Joan of Arc but obviously I can’t buy real armour so I just got a chain dress and corset and headpiece to try make it look like armour”. This homage to history’s brave souls added a layer of depth to the event, serving as a reminder of the resilience that historical figures offer, especially during this challenging post-pandemic time.

The event not only showcased the attendees’ creativity but also highlighted the diverse perspectives that adorned their costumes. It underscored the thriving subcultures and communities fostered within the vibrant atmosphere of nightclubs, where individuality is celebrated, and connections – forged.

KCL DJ Society holds tuition sessions every Tuesday. Embodying passion and musical exploration, these sessions provide participants with an opportunity to socialize and also help them learn mixing skills.

KCL Fashion Society is also active in collaborating with other organisations and organising social events that provide a place to meet fashionistas. It is not easy to find friends with whom you can share your heartfelt passion for your hobby, and those friendships are invaluable. I highly recommend you to consider joining these societies.


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