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Calling for Awareness on the Significance of Periods

Roar writer Scarlett Yu discusses the importance of period awareness and Callaly’s efforts to aid women during the monthly phase.

Periods have always been an indelible headache to women, particularly in their teenage years, due to the hygienic inconveniences and bodily fluctuations that are caused as a result of this natural change in the physiological cycle of their body. The effects imposed by periods aren’t only limited to the biological aspects of the woman’s self, but they could also lead to temporary issues in one’s mood changes and mentality overall. In other words, when encountering periods, normally once in a month, apart from the seemingly timeless endurance of period cramps, the intense shift in mood, which in turn could be induced in sudden inflammation and feelings of annoyance as well as tiresome, is a significant factor in pushing women to the ends of explosive or depressing behaviours.

The pain that happens in menstruation, whether physiological or emotional, is a grave problem in all women who are currently suffering from this biological phase in life. In addition, present findings regarding period tolerances in teenagers and young women suggest that a lot of them are still tolerating the pain when they actually possess menstruation cramp problems that could directly point to innate health issues. They expect the lingering pain to be a normal process in the cycle, so they choose to endure it when it occurs and overlook the issue itself. This is certainly not the correct way of responding to – though not entirely urgent – potentially existing matters, especially when the pain incurred may link to long-term health problems that would be difficult to handle if postponed.

First of all, it is commonly known that periods, also known as menstruation, is the first stage in the menstrual cycle. The reason to its occurrence lies in the time when pregnancy is absent, so the blood that is originally prepared to supply for the implantation of an embryo would be shed from the endometrium, which refers to the lining of the uterus. A menstrual flow is being processed at this stage, as the blood vessels are opened, letting the blood tissues pass through the cervix and ultimately out of the vagina. During the shredding of the uterus, women may feel a slight sense of stifling pain because contractions are taking place in the uterus to expel blood products.

Normally, women would experience short periods of menstrual pain during the first two days of the cycle, and it usually improves as one approaches adulthood. However, the serious part of menstruation deepens when period pain is resulted from a medical disorder in a woman’s reproductive system. Essentially, the level of pain worsens instead of improving over time. The problem stems from the wrong site of blood tissue growth, which should’ve been along the lining of the uterus. They grow on different sites such as the bowel, ovaries, and even all the way to the lungs. Thus during their period, it triggers a certain amount of blood to bleed in these areas, causing immense pain in the body. Such a critical condition, unlike menstruation, could extend to a long period of time and become a serious health issue if one doesn’t receive early treatment.

As mentioned earlier, many women ignore this condition because of the pure belief in looking at it as normalcy. Additionally, medical records have shown that 16% to 60% of the women worldwide are experiencing with symptoms of endometriosis, and that this common disease works in elusively unusual ways in their body. Though not considered as a deadly disease, the impact it generates towards the women’s daily lives is profound in the way that those suffering from the condition would experience a continuous sense of anxiety and distress. As a result, women should not overlook the effects that influence menstrual pain produces in a long-term period. Decent preparations as to a full, detailed understanding of unusual menstrual cramps and essentially the cultivation of a productive habit in dealing with regular periods should be acknowledged.

It is recommended that women keep clean, sufficient tampons in stock and incline to the idea of orderly tampon replacements in order to prevent bacteria infection. Sometimes, tampon selections can be an exhausting process of work since there’s a wide variety of brands available for purchase. The top priority in a tampon centres around three significant conditions: simplicity, convenience, and safety. The recent release of an innovative period care brand, Callaly, offers period subscription boxes with multiple organic cotton period products, and would be a suitable choice to consider. It seeks to call for inclusivity and awareness in the industry, empowering women in menstruation through the swift delivery of personalised, high-quality products. Among all, the newly designed period product, which is the so-called tampliner, combines organic cotton materials and a mini liner to create a kind of tampon that considerably caters to the demands of women in menstruation. It’s specifically aims to reach for an advanced level of convenience, with the virtual applicator providing women a hygiene insertion upon wearing and a swift removal of the stained tampon in the form of an attached, enclosed layer. There’s no need to worry about possible leakage or inconvenience during the insertion process because every detail of the tampliner is taken with care and delicacy.

The potential health issues that arise following the unusual rhythms of menstrual pain are notable. It’s acknowledged as an innate disease that appears in various levels and forms in women. Though there isn’t a clear-cut, direct way to resolve this long-term issue, one could start with a deliberate effort towards looking after her body when the period is present. It’s advisable to understand the effects that would happen early and make effective preparations beforehand. Further advice can be found through this guide which can allow us to understand menstruation better. Thus, these actions could possibly help reduce the possibility of facing severe symptoms of the illness.



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