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The Sustainable Fashion Revolution

Photo by Hannah Morgan (@hannahmorgan7)

In a world full of cheaper high street and online retailers such as Boohoo, Misguided and Topshop, fast fashion has become the easiest form of getting looks straight from the catwalk, but how much is it affecting our planet without us realising? Ordering cheaper clothing form these online stores adds to the decaying of the planet and is a problem that must be tackled with urgency. As 2019 draws to a close it is evident that action needs to be taken to look after the planet we inhabit and ensure that we maintain and care for it. This TLC can take forms in many ways of reducing our waste and reusing and rehoming previously loved items.  Sustainable fashion a movement in order to implement change into the fashion industry with an eco-friendly agenda.

Global textile production emits around 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouses gases into the air annually. This means it is contributing more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. With this massive amount of pollution being produced as a result of fast fashion it has quickly become the most problematic industry for environmentalists, only being succeeded by the oil industry. The fashion industry is so damaging to the environment due to having such a quick turnover. Different styles come in and out of fashion overnight and they are being highly overproduced to meet demand. However, for many designers this has been a huge wakeup call to them and has opened their eyes to the changes that they must make.

Fast fashion is endorsed by celebrities and influencers who have a massive following across all of their social media platforms. They encourage younger people to try and get their look by creating content in which entices them to try out the latest trends. They gain brand deals with affordable companies in order to relate to their audience and create a look that is attainable for nearly anyone. These brands reach out to a number of celebrities to enter into partnerships with in order to create a joint collaboration. In turn they gain customers out of the fans with the most recent one being a collaboration of Little Mix X Pretty Little Thing. Getting these big names and faces involved in brand deals is an effective means of influencing your customers and encouraging them to get the ‘popstar’ look in an affordable manner. Anyone looking up artists who are involved with these kinds of collaborations will be easily persuaded and will jump at the chance to wear the same clothing as someone they admire so much.

But how is change being made? Vintage shops have always been around in the UK but as the year is approaching an end there has been a stark increase in consumerism in these kinds of shops. Vintage stores are seeing a rise in sales and donations meaning that more and more people are seeing the advantages of buying preloved clothes. Online brands such as Hurr allow consumers to pay a price to borrow an item of clothing for a selected amount of time before returning it. This is perfect for events in which you would buy one specific item for and then possibly never wear again, this way pollution rates from production are drastically reduced. Brands such as these are gaining immense popularity and are being endorsed by a number of online influencers, including Niomi Smart, who is a strong advocate for environmentally friendly products.

It is obvious that small steps can be made in all aspects of our lives in order to prolong the lifespan of the earth as much as we can. Be it recycling your waste, carrying a reusable water bottle or buying preloved garments, everyone can make a difference. Going into 2020, Sustainable fashion is a growing revolution and is one that is gaining great momentum. I believe that it has the power to reduce the pollution that is currently so rife due to our fashion industry and reduce it drastically and make the change that we so desperately need.


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