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The Luxury Student: Relaunching elitism this autumn

Roar writer Nikita talks about the members community The Luxury Student, and why its existence displays the elitism that is too prevalent in global universities like King’s.

The Luxury Student, the world’s first private members club exclusively for students, relaunched this October.

For those who haven’t heard of this club, The Luxury Student boasts VIP stylist consultations, exclusive event invitations, blogger photoshoots and luxury spa and hair salon experiences. All this, for the annual fee of £195. Worth it, right?

If tuition fees, rent and food costs were not enough, let us throw some more money in the direction of a club that can help us book a private jet. 

Jokes aside, what The Luxury Student displays is the elitism that is all too prevalent at global universities like King’s. Our student body hails from  different social, cultural and financial backgrounds. The establishment of such clubs not only reminds people of the differences present between one another but highlights them in bold.

Aileen Gilani, CEO and founder of The Luxury Student, might truly believe that establishing this club is innocent – it seeks only to provide “high society” individuals or those who wish to live the “high society” life with means to fulfil their desires. Gilani, however, fails to realise the chasm of inequalities that it unconsciously widens, causing several students to taper precariously between feeling like an outsider in their new home and embracing the elitist spirit this society boasts of.

While, admittedly, it is heartening to see today’s youth attempting to make her mark in an increasingly challenging market space, it would be against everything I believe in to full-heartedly support the cause she is promoting, – one of elitism and snobbishness.

Certainly, with the growing class-divisions in society, the last thing we want to do is encourage divisiveness within our own college.



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