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They think it’s all over… it is now – GKT clinch Macadam Cup after penalty shoot out decider. 

Last Wednesday saw teams from both KCL and GKT storm Honor Oak Park. They were hungry for glory, honour and a bit of a party after all was said and done.

Tensions were running high when Ultimate Frisbee and Tennis commenced at 11am, but teams from both sides and the expectant crowd were raring to go.

Fresh from their Varsity victory, KCL Ultimate Frisbee sailed to success over the GKT side, placing the accumulated score from all matches at an early 3-0 to KCL. KCL Cricket, Tennis and Rugby followed suit, and King’s were storming ahead in the match.

Needless to say, the KCL atmosphere was electric.

Nonetheless, the GKT spirit could not be deterred. The medics side were determined to put their early losses behind them and turn the day around in their favour. By the early morning, it looked as if they had a long way to go. However, kicking off the afternoon with a win from GKT FC, the mood was lifted.

Despite having fought valiantly and played games that had the crowd on both sides gripped, GKT lost in the women’s hockey and rugby. But the lacrosse and fencing teams proved their saving grace, with an attempt to level out the scoreboard, putting the tally at 8-3.

Donning their war-paint, which often consisted of a lot of blue and yellow glitter, GKT were now slowly creeping up towards the title. Wins in the netball and women’s football saw wide-scale celebration across the park and a teeth-clenching 8-5 scoreboard. Would the morning’s underdogs now do the impossible?

The shouts and cheers of support for both sides echoed wide across the fields as tension once again rose high in the final battles for the Cup.

The day’s final fixture was a showcase debut for KCL Kabaddi, an often underrated sport which many in the crowd had never come across before. In spite of this, support for the players was strong as they tousled for the victory. A contact team sport originating in India, the two teams compete by sending a player into the half of the opposing team to tackle and then return, all whilst taking only one breath. The match was a close one, with a final hair’s breadth between the two teams – GKT 74 – 73 KCL.

After all the sports came to a close, the crowd was somewhat shocked to realise there had been a draw across the Cup.

The only way to decide was through a nail-biting penalty shoot-out.

Despite KCL’s best efforts, it was GKT who scored the most goals, crowning them Macadam Cup champions once again.

King’s alumnus may well recall the chants of “You’ll never win Macadam” being thrown across pitches from 2004 to 2010. This year’s cup, although an extremely close call, has given GKT bragging rights once again. But when sports recommence next year, there is no doubt both sides will be psyched up and ready to lift the 2018 cup.

To see more highlights from the Macadam Cup, follow @_kingssport on Instagram.

Credit to Jared Phanco for all photography used.


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KCLSU & Societies

Roar are delighted to announce that the December 2023 print edition is available to King’s students from today. Pick up your copy from:


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