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KMT Presents ‘Jekyll and Hyde: The Musical’


This winter, KMT will bring us the deliciously dark tale of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Last year the talented musical theatre group brought us Westside Story the Musical and are following up with an equally enthralling show, vastly different, yet still maintaining their high standards in both acting and vocal ability.


Photo Courtesy of King's Musical Theatre

This gothic classic based upon Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel could not have come at a more fitting time. This sinister story lends itself perfectly to these dark winter nights. The storyline concentrates on doctor Jekyll, a physician who takes it upon himself to explore whether it is possible to separate the good from evil in man’s psyche, using himself as the subject. Inevitably this has far reaching consequences that results in violence, madness and delusion. Locked into perpetual fission he descends into the darkest recesses of his mind.

The production runs from the December 9th – 11th at King’s very own Greenwood Theatre in London Bridge starting at 7pm. You are sure to be both enchanted and bewitched by this malevolent story. Not only will you see the protagonist Jekyll metamorphose before your very eyes, but you will also witness this beautiful yet sinister production be brought to life with the evocative musical score composed by Frank Wildhorn.

Photo Courtesy of King's Musical Theatre

Lead actor George Fowler told Roar News about his experience portraying Dr. Jekyll. “It’s challenging! The first transformation from Jekyll to Hyde takes place on stage and is an important milestone in the play. It’s a lot of physical theatre work and you just really have to commit to it to even breach the realms of it being convincing and that’s tiring, physically, and of course as a result of that, vocally.”

Director Nick Carter said of his experience as part of KMT, “This is my first time directing at King’s, and I have loved every moment. I have worked very closely with the lead actors on how they can bring the overwhelming sense of darkness into their characterisation; particularly, of course, with the character of Mr. Hyde, who is guaranteed to give you quite a fright! It promises depth, darkness and a whole lot of beautiful ballads.”

Watch the trailer here via YouTube!

Buy tickets for December 9th, 10th and 11th here via KCLSU!


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