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Trip down Mexico way: the perfect night in

Jessica Moffatt-Owen has five reasons why the Discovery Mexican kit is the new way forward for student cuisine.

Who doesn’t like Mexican food, right? I know there might actually be some of you sitting there thinking you don’t, but I intend to prove that Mexican food can indeed be for you, and will soon become a necessity in your store cupboards! The lovely people at Wildcard sent over some Discovery Mexican kits and here are my FIVE FAVOURITE THINGS about them. Arriba!

1. Having a fajita night is the perfect way to socialise, and get all the housemates together.
We organised a house fajita night and it was great to be able to sit down for dinner together – something we never normally get a chance to do. Like, ever. With the wraps, seasoning and salsa in the pack already, any additionals are up to you. Leading on to point two:

2. They are cheap and healthy!
Well, they are as cheap and healthy as you want them to be. It is super easy to load them up with fresh veg, salad stuff and yoghurt, which is all inexpensive, while contributing to your five a day total too. Throw chicken in for a bit more expense, but still, very healthy. And if you want to go for the whole shabang, splash out on chicken, cheese, guacamole, extra salsa and extra jalapenos (I had the Discovery guacamole, salsa and jalapenos and I can vouch for their tastiness). If split between an entire house, it’s still cheaper than going out for dinner!

3. Fussy eater? Don’t worry!
Mexican food is so great because you can pick and mix. Don’t like spice? Avoid jalapenos. Veggie? Make without chicken! Lactose intolerant? No cheese or sour cream. There will be something which everyone will be able to enjoy, and the fact that you can make them as spicy as you want is another benefit.

4. Even the most inept of cooks can manage fajitas.
The instructions are on the packet. The ingredients are in the packet. Read, follow, put in serving dishes, eat. It could not be more foolproof.

5. Watching everyone perform their signature tucking technique.
Some fold up the bottom and pull in the two sides. Some go for an open ended roll (these people, however, are morons). Some people fold in both top and bottom before pulling in the sides – MADNESS. But half the fun is watching your housemate dribble salsa down their face due to their poor rolling technique.  FACT: messy food is fun food.

So yeah, I’m a huge fajita fan. Come to think of it, it might be time to dust my sombrero off, crack open the tequila and organise another fajita feast… OLÉ!


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