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At Roar, we’re always on the prowl for new talent. We want tenacious, driven and professional people who are dedicated to producing and delivering the very best work in student journalism.

Roar is more than just a student newspaper. Our stories hold both the College and Student Union accountable to its students. We talk about what’s important, debating and analysing real-world issues and interviewing imminent individuals from diverse walks of life.

With us, there is always something new on the agenda. Working for us involves hard work, dedication and grit, but is rewarding in equal part – with tips for the industry, journalistic training, brilliant friends and new-found skills to gain.

Additionally, Roar is read in 143 different countries and reaches around 30,000 people. We’ve won various national awards, including the Best Student Publication Award in 2015 and 2018, Best Website Award 2015 and Best Design Award 2015. Most recently, we were highly commended by the Student Publication Association in 2021.

Below are short descriptions of our various teams and their focuses. If you would like to join one or several, please email them a short sample (ideally around 300 words) of your writing (published or unpublished, it doesn’t matter, we just want to get a feel for your writing style) and the names of the sections you want to work for. The sample does not need to be unique to each section. Our current sections are as follows:

  • Print Design, Photography, and Illustration: We are currently recruiting three brand-new teams to assist our editorial and writing staff. If you’d like to know more about how to apply to these roles, please visit our LinkTree, where you can find specific application forms for each role. If you have any questions regarding these, please email
  • News: The News section writes stories about everything that happens at King’s from a student perspective. You are the go-to source for things students want to know about – whether that’s protests, strikes, or teaching problems. Apply via
  • Comment: Got an opinion? Great, we want to hear it! The Comment section writes opinion pieces and commentary about both global and local issues. Your articles spark and inform interesting debates. Apply via
  • Culture: We aim to entertain as well as inform. The Culture section is home to reviews and recommendations of books, plays, and movies. Whether you’ve got strong feelings about the British Museum or a hot take about what kind of ice cream best describes King’s students, the Culture section is the place for you. Apply via
  • Sports: King’s has a huge range of sports societies and events, and we want your help to cover them. Whether you’re a fanatic fan or new to sports journalism, Roar would love to have you. Apply via
  • Maughan Hub: Roar recently partnered with KCL Comedy Society to launch Maughan Hub, a wide-ranging and light-hearted satire column. If you like humour and lampooning people, sign up forthwith! Apply via
  • Podcast: Roar has recently launched two podcasts: “The Roaring Twenties” and “Roarcast”. The former is a talk-show focusing on political and cultural issues, while the latter is a variety show with a rotating series of one-off hosts. Our “Roaring Twenties” hosts want to work with a small team in preparing the episodes; students can also apply to host single episodes of “Roarcast”. Unlike all the other sections, our podcast team has limited spaces per series – apply if you dare! Apply via
  • Investigative: Some stories take a long time to write. Whether it’s investigating fire safety problems or racial bias in academia, sometimes you need to dig below the surface and spend weeks or months on the same concept. If that appeals to you, the Investigative section is the place to be. They work on long-run, important stories in the public interest. Apply via

You can also follow and send us questions on: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Issuu.

I’m a first year and haven’t even started at King’s yet, can I apply?


I’m on study abroad, can I apply?


How can I learn more about getting involved?

Make sure to like our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates, or email us!

I’m an international student – my English isn’t brilliant, can I apply?

Yes we’re more concerned whether our reporters can find stories than whether they can write beautifully though it is definitely an advantage. If you can pass your international language exams, your English will be good enough!

Where is your office located?

Our office is in the Media Suite on the 7th Floor of Bush House’s South East Wing.

I have other questions!

Then email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.