UCL-based ‘The Tab London’ newspaper use disability slur in ‘Made in King’s’ review

By Samuel Spencer –

An online review of the KCLTV production ‘Made in King’s’ which appears on the UCL-based ‘The Tab London’  used a diability slur, writing that ‘the camera work was so bad’ the operator must have been ‘suffering from Parkinson’s disease’.

The article, titled ‘KCL’s Shockingly Shoddy “Made in King’s” Video’, was posted last night by an anonymous writer, and is on the front page of their website, and currently the third most read article on the site.

The Tab London, part of a chain of ‘Tab’ newspapers which publish from universities such as Leeds and Cambridge, is written by UCL students, and as such has to follow the university’s Codes of Conduct. Arguably, this statement contravenes the  ‘Code of Conduct for Students at UCL’, which contains a clause ‘recognising the diversity of the UCL community and not discriminating against others on the basis of their: […] ability or disability,’.

So far no official action has been taken, and the statement remains in the article, but relevant UCL bodies have been contacted.

UPDATE: 14/03/2013 15:51. The aforementioned article has been removed from the Tab London website.