KCLSU Freshers Ball: Masks On, Trammels Down

In the darkest hours on the night of 26th October, colorful lights were illuminating Camden Town. KOKO transformed from a normal concert venue to a grand masquerade! This was the perfect opportunity for King’s freshers to bring out their best outfits and show their mysterious looks, hiding behind glorious masks.

KCLSU once again organised a spectacular event that brought hundreds of freshers together. Some girls were marvelously spinning with their long dresses, while others had chosen the comfort and elegance of shorter cocktail ones. Meanwhile, boys were proudly wearing their suits and knit ties.

But what did all of these people share in common? They were all wearing beautiful and daring masks.

The hall got crowded in no time. People filled every single spot on all floors. Even the cold wind on the terrace didn’t stop the brave ones to enjoy the air or to have pleasant chats. Students were able to try their luck on roulette, to enjoy the good taste of various drinks, and to show their best moves on the dance floor. Meanwhile, professional acrobats were ‘flying’ over the stage, gracefully dancing in the air. Lights were sending you to another universe, while the great music was vibrating through your bones!

“This is awesome!”

“Woah! Look at the giant mask above the DJ!” 

Students shared to be quite impressed with the decors and the whole atmosphere. Everyone seemed to be having lots of fun, and the photo booth was busy all the time. People were waiting on queues in order to take lovely or funny photos with their beautiful masks and the bunch of accessories and trinkets provided.

The Freshers Ball was also a perfect opportunity for old friendships to flourish, and for new ones to emerge. Many students were happily and wildly dancing together, whereas others were having talks outside. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the great company they had found, though some people angrily exclaimed:

“Why are all of the nice guys already taken?!? Oh, wait… Actually, EVERYONE is already taken!”

Although this wasn’t a Disney ball, after which everyone marries and lives happily ever after, it was “a great experience to us all”.


Photography by Virjinia Vassileva

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