£15 Daily Food Allowance for Relocated Champion Hill Students


Champion Hill students who have been relocated to the Hilton London Metropole have not been provided with kitchens to cook their own meals. Instead, they have to rely on store-bought or restaurant-bought food to get their three meals per day.

With the high city prices for eating out, how far can £15 provide in one day? Being in the top 20 most expensive cities to eat out list, there’s no doubt £15 won’t go too far when an average Deliveroo meal costs £10.

King’s sent the relocated students two weeks of allowance alongside their compensation and later sent £975 more. Dividing that into £15 a day, it is enough to last them 65 days assuming they spend it responsibly. Upon asking a relocated resident if this amount was enough, their reply was a candid no. There was a general sentiment of the allowance being low.

In fact, the resident said that they were using their loan money in addition to their allowance to pay for food. Students also took the matter into their own hands by starting an online petition to change the daily allowance to £40 to ensure that students can eat comfortably. To date, the petition has been signed by 734 people. However, King’s is yet to respond to the petition.

Nevertheless, residents at the Hilton are served a daily buffet breakfast and also have access to a grab and go breakfast after the buffet. Not only that, there are provisions of microwaves for the students to use. Even though students agree that the location of their hotel makes commuting to Strand Campus much easier, their experience would have been smoother if the allowance didn’t leave them strapped for choice.

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