Have you seen stalls offering free snacks all around King’s campuses? Have you spoken to one of the student ambassadors about the multi-cultural and diverse community at King’s? If yes, then you are already part of the dynamic King’s Internationalisation Vision that aims to make King’s a more diverse and open university.

King’s Internationalisation Vision 2029 is a campaign developed to recognise and celebrate the different cultures and communities in King’s that make it the diverse, multi-ethnic place it is today – a university where students are able to see the world through the eyes of others.

KCL Internationalisation is a campaign led by ‘Funmi Olonisakin, Vice Principal International and Jen Angel, the Director of International Strategy and Planning. It is also supported by ex-KCLSU President Momin Saqib. The aim of the campaign is to share and celebrate the lived experiences of different cultures and people through dialogue and expression.

King’s College London has an incredibly multi-cultural and diverse student body. Making friends and joining societies pertaining to other cultures in an international city like London is at the heart of this campaign. Everyone is an international citizen in London. Having these experiences enables everyone, regardless of where they are from, to see the world through the eyes of others. It is quite a unique concept in the sense that it makes people recognise and appreciate the subtle differences among individuals.

Everyone has a different meaning of what internationalisation is, whether it is making a friend, going to a KCLSU Society event or going out and eating food. These differences in opinion are collected by the listening stalls all over campus, spearheaded by Momin Saqib. He, alongside other student ambassadors open up dialogue and conversation about life at King’s. The campaign has become affiliated with KCLSU to help promote cross-cultural events, which will involve a wider and diverse audience. It is considered to be the most successful collaboration between the university and the Student Union. One of the catalysts in this promotion is the Internationlisation Fund, a KCLSU society fund that can be availed by societies collaborating with others to host events that allow for the promotion of internationlisation and diversity in King’s. It is an opportunity to get the wheels rolling on cross-society collaboration and allows exposure to different people.

To sum up, coming to King’s makes you exposed to an international environment where you learn and thrive. The campaign for internationalisation simply allows for this international exposure and learning to become explicit, so that people recognise and engage in it, to make King’s a global community with an international mindset that helps students to make the world a better place.


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