UK Disability History Month 2018 Celebrates Creative Self-Expression


Since nine years ago, 22 November-22 December is synonymous with UK Disability History Month. This year’s theme is ‘Disability and Music’, celebrating the inherent human need for creative self-expression and its resulting connection between all members of society.

The event is devoted to people with both physical and mental disabilities all over the country and runs straight after Anti-Bullying Week. This is particularly significant due to records of bullied disabled young people being 2.5 times higher than of the non-disabled.

With particular attention to the history of their social struggle, organisations show annual endeavour to spread awareness and celebrate major achievements of those affected.

People are brought together in talks, presentations and workshops to be taught about the fight for equality since 2010. The Director of Equality in Education in the UK, Richard Rieser, has called UKDHM ‘a conduit for people who want to publicise the practical effects of their research into the lives of disabled people’.

King’s is not falling behind in participation in the annual event. On December 13th, The Medical Students Association and British Sign Language Society are bringing ‘an interactive and engaging Deaf Awareness Workshop’ at Guy’s Hospital.

Another panel ‘Understanding Neurodiversity’, with various artists and researchers to introduce students to its concept will be taking place on December 14th at the Maudsley Hospital.





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