What is Liberal Arts? A Journal Tells It All


Liberal Arts’ students at King’s have decided to unravel the mystery surrounding their degree by launching their first “physical journal”.

This journal is created by a team of editors and writers led by first-year Liberal Arts undergraduate and student representative Biagio Rosso. The journal’s main aims are to clarify misconceptions about the degree:

“I think there’s a lot of fog around what Liberal Arts is, so the journal could help to unravel things a bit. Rather than explaining what it is, we will show what we can do with having a Liberal Arts education.”

The journal will follow a more academic pattern, mainly including essays, but will also leave space for poetry, fiction and photography. Meanwhile, there will be a special section in which Liberal Arts students will discuss a specific theme through the lenses of the particular major or minor they are taking.

While the journal is still being put to action, Biagio hopes the first issue would be ready by the end of December. However, as the concept is still being polished, entries acceptance and publishing might be delayed until January. Until then, Biagio addresses his fellow students:

“This is your platform. Take your pen or laptop, whatever you have, and criticise. We don’t seek consensus, we seek debates. I think that’s the way you intrigue a community.”

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