Guy’s Campus Welcome Week Marquee Turned Into Lecture Theatre


The Welcome Week marquee at Guy’s Campus has been turned into an emergency lecture theatre due to ongoing renovations of The Harris and Anatomy Theatres. This has caused the temporary loss of Guy’s Quad Greenery, blocking off the usual social space on campus.

Students based at Guy’s campus received an apology from Nick O’Donnell, Estates and Facilities Director, stating ‘This programme had a very tight timescale for delivery and regrettably, we have been unable to return them back to use in time for the start of term. We are extremely sorry for this delay and the impact it will have on the student community.’

The Quad is normally frequented by students on their lunch breaks or participating in society gatherings. However, these activities are currently postponed, which may prevent first year students from getting used to spending time socialising with their peers in the university environment in this time period crucial for their future student life.

The College is planning to finish the works within the next four weeks and subsequently bring back the original appearance of the campus.

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