Calm down everyone – Kanye West was NOT at King’s College London today


DISAPPOINTMENT has gripped the student population at King’s as reports of a visit by bad-ass rap superstar Kanye West turns out to be untrue.

It seems the Mail Online confused King’s College London with King’s Cross, as the musician was seen strolling round north London this afternoon.

Amid the explosion of fangirling on campus, Roar has now confirmed that West, who recently claimed that he would have been ‘greater than Picasso’, has in fact not been anywhere near King’s at all.

A baffled spokesperson told Roar they weren’t expecting him at all, adding that King’s doesn’t even have the Art College that the MailOnline reported.

“We were as confused as you were,” the spokesperson joked.

His non-visit came just days after Taylor Swift boasted at the Brit Awards about her stage debut at King’s, firmly cementing the WC2-based uni as a favourite institution for pop stars and cult heroes to associate themselves with.

The MailOnline's unfortunate booboo (which has since been corrected)

According to the now edited Daily Mail article, West has been in the UK for quite some time, working on both his music as well as his fashion pet projects.

Just days ago, West reportedly claimed in a bizarre speech at Oxford University that he would have been greater than Picasso, had he gone into fine art.

Regretting that he never attended art college, West reportedly told the stunned audience that ‘when you think about someone who’s done as much as Picasso, in your life you’re not allowed to think you could do that much.’

There is no information yet on why the largest online newspaper on the planet wrongly singled out King’s, as pictures accompanying the story clearly shows West strolling around at Central Saint Martins in King’s Cross.

Roar understands that West had intended to pop by the fashion department at University of the Arts London.

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