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Carlos Garcia Cueva joins Kings this year to embark on an MA in Intelligence and International Security. He has been traveling the world equipped with his camera and a desire to express his perspective through vibrant and enchanting imagery. He comments:

“People are always trying to find a way to express how they feel and especially to be able to say what they feel. Words tend to be the privileged option for expressing our feelings. However, sometimes and for some persons, images are preferred as “words”, thus colors, shapes, faces and landscapes are the basic “words” for visual expression. Throughout these “words” a person might find a wide array of options to communicate.

My photographs have had both a personal and a social motivation; on one hand I value how different places and people have a completely different spirit. For me, the easiest way to capture a glimpse of this essence is through images. Photographs capture the essence of a given place and time almost perfectly as hardly other technique.

However, my social motivation consists in mainly telling to the world what some people or places have to say, whether it is a street artist that is ignored and never leaves anonymity or places such as Palestine that appear in the news as chaotic. Throughout my pictures, I have a chance of making these voices heard and trying to let the world know that people are the same everywhere and anywhere.

Photography is for me mainly a hobby, but it has also resulted in a passion and even lifestyle. It allows me to transmit emotions and feelings through my camera, it allows those that I value the most to accompany me despite where I am, and also it allows my soul to be free in a complex, rather magical, array of light and shadow, contrast and colors that helps me to be one with my pictures”

All images are taken on a Cannon EOS with 18-55 or 70-200 lenses. For more, visit his online gallery at http://www.libertadphotograph.net

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