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LONDON VARSITY 2021- KCL Rugby Review

Women’s Match

History makers! That is the only way to describe the King’s women’s team today who were made up of players from KCLWFC and GKTWFC representing the best of King’s College London.

In a game that started well for King’s after an early knock-on from UCL, King’s found themselves going over the whitewash early on for the first score which was converted coolly by number 12 Hebe Talas who was a standout player for King’s throughout the game. This was a start that would set the tone for the game with King’s going up 14-0 inside the first ten minutes.

The rest of the half would be much of the same, with UCL just unable to keep up with the constant pressure applied by King’s. King’s full-back, Georgia Briggs aka “G-Force”, and outside centre number 13, Katarina Martinovic, both bagged themselves a few tries in stellar performances.  King’s seemed to beat every first take and found room all over the field. It was an impressive display of control, aggression and skill. Heading into the break KCL found themselves up  26-0 in an impressive half.

In the second half, UCL was in for the same punishment started to find a bit more momentum but could not convert. King’s number 6, Nour Gado, led a brilliant blitz defence all game. UCL wouldn’t have been able to find space if the pitch was a mile wide. By the end of the second half, King’s managed to wrestle back the momentum to score a few more tries.

King’s disciple was tested throughout the game after being given two yellow cards, despite this UCL could not make the numerical advantage count. In the end, the game was a shut out by King’s, almost breaking both the men’s and women’s records for points scored to win 38-0.

It was impossible to choose a player for the match but number 6, 7, 13 and 20 all had amazing games. But what was most impressive was some of the freshers from King’s who due to Covid were only picking up a rugby ball in a game for the first time. It looks like the women’s game is in safe hands at King’s.

Men’s Match

As a proud member of KCLRFC, I am writing this with a heavy heart. London’s historic varsity series between UCL and King’s ended in a loss for our boys in red tonight despite their best efforts. 

The match which would be the first of the season for King’s did not start well after UCL ran in a couple of quick tries around the fringes of the King’s defence. Thing’s would only go from bad to worse for the boos after two yellow cards in quick succession left King’s playing with only 13 men on the field. To make matters worse star players Adam Mountford and Finn Macpherson both had to retire from the pitch early on due to injuries and head knocks. UCL took advantage of this and ran in over the white wash again. UCL finished the half by winning a penalty off of King’s and knocking over a conversion from in front of the sticks to make it 25-0.

After a half time team talk led by the senior players and captain Jono Slee, playing his last game for the club after three years of hard work, chop tackles and eating pints, King’s came out with more intensity in the second half. The referee, who according to his birth certificate was born in University College Hospital, started to blow more against UCL and King’s found some discipline. About half way through the second half after a long period of sustained pressure King’s found themselves ten metres out from the UCL tryline, some quick thinking from Jake Overton, another player making their final appearance for the club, by taking a penalty quickly resulted in a penalty try. Though it is the hope that kills you in the end and UCL ran in a few more tries.

It takes a strong team to admit when they have been outclassed on the day but no one could say King’s did not come with the same trademark passion and intensity they always do – even if the finishing was not there today. The boys will be back next year, ready to take on UCL with a full season of fitness and training.



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