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Food blog: 365 days of food

Whilst I’m currently spending most of my time, and indeed money, on studying Shakespeare at post-graduate level, my real passion in life concerns food. I wake up thinking about food, I go to bed thinking about food. I am under no illusion that this may have to do with some hidden streak of creativity or need for productivity – it’s all about greed. I want food, good food and as much of it as possible. However, the fact that I was spending most of my daily thoughts and energy on something  that only lasted ten to thirty minutes (depending on my respective degree of hunger), became somewhat troubling to me some months ago and I thus decided to capture the lot online in a virtual log, a blog. Whilst cooking may have already become the nation’s favorite fad and I’m almost certainly one of the very last to join the already burgeoning queue to virtually discuss my feeding and eating habits, I decided that I wanted more to survive my daily food intake than a temporarily overfilled, hurting tummy and a food blog seemed to be the only way forward. If you’d like to see how it’s done, check out


By Maria Blundell

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