Have a question about how we operate? You’ve come to the right place!
Q: Is Roar affiliated with the KCLSU or King’s College London?

A: Roar is an editorially independent student paper, but does operate as a KCLSU student group. To quote from our “Terms and Conditions” page: “Views expressed in Roar do not necessarily reflect those of Roar’s editorial board, KCLSU, its trustees, its employees, or of King’s College London.”

Q: There’s an article tagged “Comment” on your site – does that mean it reflects Roar’s official stance?

A: No. Roar’s Comment section represents a broad variety of student viewpoints on myriad issues. These views, however, are not necessarily representative of a broader editorial stance taken by the paper or its editorial board. If an editor or sub-editor writes a Comment article for Roar, their view remains their own. Opinions/stances held by the paper will typically be labelled as “Editorials”.

Q: I want to write an article for Roar, but I don’t know if want/have time to join your team. What can I do?

A: We also accept one-off contributions from King’s students who are not members of our staff – all you have to do is email editor@roarnews.co.uk with your pitch, and we’ll endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible.

Q: Do you publish every article pitched to you?

A: No, though we do publish most following a standard editing process.

Like every publication, Roar does reserve the right to reject pitches/drafts. While it does not happen often, this usually occurs for one of the following reasons:

  • The article and/or its content countermand existing KCLSU guidelines or ethical considerations, including but not limited to the Safe Space Policy and the rights of those with protected characteristics to live without harassment on the basis of said characteristics.
  • The article’s content is innately libellous, e.g. presents information about an individual/organisation as truthful without legitimate corroborating evidence.
  • The article explores a subject/angle already covered in another Roar article without significant additions/divergence.

These guidelines apply to all of Roar’s platforms, including but not limited to our print editions, web articles, social media pages, and audio-visual content.

Q: Someone wrote an article on your site/gave a quote to another writer, but are listed anonymously/under a pseudonym. How can I find out their name?

A: Under certain circumstances, especially in a university setting, sources may wish to confide in us anonymously in order to protect themselves. Roar reserves the right to protect sources’ anonymity in such cases; for more information, please refer to Clause 14 of the Editors’ Codebook.

The same applies to writers who choose to publish their work anonymously or pseudonymously.