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It’s a new year, and we’re on the prowl for new talent. But we don’t just want pretty writers. We want those who can smell a story from a mile off, hunt it with tenacity and execute it with ethics and professionalism.

Our stories hold the College and Student Union accountable to its students. Working for Roar isn’t the same as joining other societies, it’s a huge commitment. But in return, it’ll give you a second-to-none experience, make you some brilliant friends, and teach you some incredible skills. And to top it off, we’re the best student paper in the country

We only have vacancies for:

News reporters

Sport reporter/editor

Print designer

Web & graphics designer

Staff photographer/videographer

Click the sections you want to apply to:


We’re looking for enthusiastic news reporters and editors to join our news section. You will be responsible for coming up with your own story ideas weekly, chasing them and writing them up. That also means that you will be attending events, talking to sources, and working with other reporters and editors to provide stories that matter.

We want reporters who can hunt for stories through gossip, social media, or university events, and who have a keen eye for detail and accuracy. Here, here and here are some news stories we have done in the past.

You will be trained throughout the year on how to improve your writing style, so don’t be scared if you’ve had little experience being a reporter – the most important thing is to be brimming with story ideas, have a team-player attitude and dedication to the paper!

How to Apply: Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: News Editor” or “Application: News Reporter” and attach the following:

1)      A 200-word (max) news article that is focused on and relevant to the King’s community, or, if the story’s really cracking, more generally Higher Education in London.

2)      Three separate idea proposals for future articles, each proposal no more than 50 words. We ask for a minimum of one idea for an investigative piece, and the other ones can be features, vox pops, or other newsworthy article ideas.

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

4)     For prospective news editors only, edit this news story and attach it to your email. Come up with a headline for the piece, correct any mistakes you can find and shorten it to a maximum of 200 words.

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


At Roar we aim to entertain as well as inform. We want a culture section that is engaging and relevant to King’s students. If you keep a blog, or write on social media on culture, lifestyle, arts or sport, then here’s an opportunity to have your writing reach thousands of clicks! There are vacancies for both editors and writers. Here, here and here are some past King’s-focused ideas.

These are the available sections to apply to:

Lifestyle (restaurants, fashion, beauty, student life)



Film & TV

Arts & Literature

Science & Tech

Don’t think there’s a section that reflects what you want to do? We’re always looking for new ideas, so tell us!

How to apply: Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: <Role Name>”, for example, “Application: Music Editor”. Attach the following:

1)      An article (600 words max) on the relevant area you are applying to, or a link/samples of your written work.

2)      A short cover letter on why you are an expert in writing on this area, and tell us what makes you passionate about it!

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


We are only looking for comment editors. Comment pieces are a kaleidoscope into campus opinion. As an editor, you must be able to differentiate between opinionated ranting and comment.  We want you to look for fiery diatribes and funny commentaries, and look for voices that are not normally heard in the King’s community.

How to apply: Send an email to with the subject heading “2016-17 Application: Comment Editor” and attach the following:

1)      Edit this comment piece and attach it to your email. Come up with a title for the piece, correct any mistakes you can find and shorten it to a maximum of 400 words.

2)      Three separate idea proposals for future comment articles, each proposal no more than 50 words. These ideas must be related to or focused on the King’s community. 

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


If you would like to contribute comment pieces to Roar on an ad-hoc basis, simply drop an email!


In the past years, Roar has uncovered several massive news investigations – from King’s holding shares with tobacco companies (while at the same time spending money on cancer research), to overworked GTAs being expected to mark 9000 words every hour.

True to this tradition, this year Roar will have a small investigation section specialising on long-form news stories that are lengthier and take more time to come up with (and will also be more legally risky). Besides being great at shoe-and-leather reporting, you will need to be computer savvy. Basic coding experience is preferred, and you must be able to create visual diagrams and charts to explain stories. 

Simply apply as a news reporter, and state in the email that you have an interest in joining the investigative section and explain why you are right for it.

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


Print Designer

We’re looking for a print designer to layout our 24-page printed newspaper according to Roar’s style and quality. This is a big commitment and you will be working closely with Roar editorial staff in the week(s) running up to our print deadline dates. We are looking for someone enthusiastic about print design, typography, prepress production, with a strong attention to detail and an ability to visualise the final product during the design process. Experience with Adobe Creative Suite is essential, and you must be skilled with InDesign and/or Photoshop.

How to Apply:  Show off your design skills by sending us your best work! But remember, we’re a tabloid newspaper so we’re looking for people who can own that style.  There are stories from our website you can grab from, and our dimensions are 275mm x 370mm, with a 20mm border on all sides. Also please send a copy of your CV, and do tell us why you’re perfect for the role.

Web & Graphics Designer

You will be responsible for producing flash animations and to edit the website platform. You will also be responsible for corresponding with reporters and editors about possible artwork – photos, charts, graphs, maps, diagrams. Experience with Adobe Illustrator and managing website content is a must.

How to Apply:  Send us a link to your work, or show us a website that you helped design! Also briefly tell us why you want this role, and please send a copy of your CV.

Please send your application to The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


Pictures that grace the front of a news story are arguably more important than a well-crafted introduction in grabbing a reader’s attention. We want people to be ready to beautifully snap and shoot developing stories from council meetings to protests.

How to apply: Send an email to attaching between five and ten of your best hi-res pictures / a link to your best vids. Tell us why you want the role and why you’re best for it, and also chuck in your CV.

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 


Do you count yourself as a savvy entrepreneur?  If you are interested in sales, finance and marketing, then joining our marketing team is a great opportunity for you to use your skills. Roar makes its money from sponsorships and advertising. As part of the role, you will be responsible for locating and engaging potential sponsors. You will also be exploring creative ways of generating revenue, such as sales or promotions, to help bolster our finances. 

How to Apply: Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: Marketing Team”.

  1.     Tell us why you think you’re perfect for this role.
  2.     Come up with some suggestions on how Roar can develop as a business.
  3.     And throw in your CV as well (please keep it to two pages or less).

The deadline for applications is 5 December at 9pm. 

I’m a first year and haven’t even started at King’s yet, can I apply?


I’m on study abroad, can I apply?


How can I learn more about getting involved?

Make sure to like our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates!

I’m an international student – my English isn’t brilliant, can I apply?

Yes – we’re more concerned whether our reporters / editors can find stories than whether they can write beautifully – though it is definitely an advantage. If you can pass your international language exams, your English will be good enough!

Can I apply to multiple sections?

Yes – but make sure that they are sections you are genuinely interested in and have time for.

Where is your office located?

Our office is on the 4th floor of the Macadam Building – right above Tutus!

I don’t want to miss the deadline! Can I be notified before the application closes?

We will post upcoming deadlines on our Facebook and Twitter page. If you would like to reach out to the editor now to mention you’re interested in applying, we’re just an email away!

I have other questions!

Then email and we’ll get back to you asap.