Apply to the Culture section: R-rated

R-rated is Roar’s culture section.

At Roar we aim to entertain as well as inform. We want a culture section that is engaging and relevant to King’s students. If you keep a blog, or write on social media on culture, then here’s an opportunity to have your writing reach thousands of clicks! There are vacancies for both editors and writers. Here, here and here are some past King’s-focused ideas.

These are the available sections to apply to in R-rated:


Film & TV

Arts & Literature

Science & Tech

Don’t think there’s a section that reflects what you want to do? We’re always looking for new ideas, so tell us!

How to apply: Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: <Role Name>”, for example, “Application: <Music Editor>” or “Application: <Arts Writer>. Attach the following:

1)      An article (600 words max) on the relevant area you are applying to, or a link/samples of your written work.

2)      A short cover letter on why you are an expert in writing on this area, and tell us what makes you passionate about it!

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

The deadline for applications is 1 April at 9pm.