Apply to the Comment section

Comment pieces are a kaleidoscope into campus opinion. We want fiery diatribes and/or funny commentaries- If you have strong opinions about current affairs, campus-related news or student life in general, then writing for this section is perfect for you. As a full-time comment writer or an editor, you must be able to differentiate between opinionated ranting and comment.

If you are interested in writing opinion pieces, show off your best work in your application!

How to Apply:

Step one: Join our group

Step two:

Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: Comment Editor” or “Application: Columnist” and attach the following:

1)      A comment article no longer than 600 words.

2)      Three separate idea proposals for future comment articles, each proposal no more than 50 words. These ideas must be related to or focused on the King’s community. 

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

3)      For prospective comment editors only: edit this comment piece and attach it to your email. Come up with a title for the piece, correct any mistakes you can find and shorten it to a maximum of 400 words.

The deadline for applications is 1 April at 9pm.