Apply to the News section

We’re looking for enthusiastic news editors and reporters to join our team. It will be your responsibility to hunt out Kings’ best student stories and deliver them to your audience – your fellow students! Talking to sources, working with reporters and coming up with your own stories are all part and parcel of the deal here. Gossip, social media and university events will be your journalistic bread and butter and a keen eye for detail and accuracy is key.

Experience counts, but don’t be hesitant in joining. You’ll be offered training throughout the year to develop your skills, but what we value most in an editor is a team-player attitude, dedication and of course, the all important STORIES!

There will also be the opportunity for writers to become editors – based on merit and performance, so don’t hold back and show us what you’ve got.

How to Apply:

Step one: Join our group

Step two:

Send an email to with the subject heading “Application: News Editor” or “Application: News Reporter” and attach the following:

1)      A 200-word (max) news article that is focused on and relevant to the King’s community, or, if the story’s really cracking, more generally Higher Education in London.

2)      Three separate idea proposals for future articles, each proposal no more than 50 words. We ask for a minimum of one idea for an investigative piece, and the other ones can be features, vox pops, or other newsworthy article ideas.

3)      Your latest CV (please keep it to two pages or less).

4)     For prospective news editors only, edit this news story and attach it to your email. Come up with a headline for the piece, correct any mistakes you can find and shorten it to a maximum of 200 words.

The deadline for applications is 1 April at 9pm.