Why I love festive London shopping

Nothing beats London retail therapy at Christmas, and here’s why.

Part of the fun and excitement of shopping for Christmas presents is wrapping up warm and wandering around central London’s shops. Unfortunately, it rarely snows in this city in December, but the sparkling Oxford Street and Regent Street lights, and festive displays in shop windows, ensure that every shopper has a magical time searching for the perfect present. Mulled wine, crepes and waffles make a regular appearance on street corners, and, unlike a normal shopping trip, nobody declines a cup of hot chocolate. Indeed, this is necessary when it is cold and you are weaving in and out of the shopping district all day. Even though Oxford Street remains its busy self, there is an element of calm as everyone saunters jollily along to the theme of their own individual carol.














Naturally, the shops blast out all the Christmas songs we all deem too cheesy, but secretly know and love. Hamley’s greets its customers with elves and reindeer, while even Ted Baker gets into the spirit, with penguins and snowmen adorning their windows. Selfridges always have famously original Christmas windows every year. They may not be on your present priority list, but you are certain to take home a perfume, Christmas jumper or onesie. Next on the list is the perfect Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve outfit. Sequins, velvet, chiffon and lace are real party showstoppers. Christmas is the one time of year where people accept the bitter cold weather; mesmerized by the shimmering lights and sound of Christmas cheer.