Your daily prescription of music


Buffeted by sour commuters? Lost your ticket? Smash on through the barriers to Beastie Boys’ massive SabotageAnything is possible.


Groovy and infectious even before it clims into its devastatingly heavy chorus, FoalsInhaler is five minutes of pure explosive energy


Simple and achingly sweet with its twisted nostalgia, Neutral Milk Hotel’s King of Carrot Flowers is a lo-fi masterpiece – ideal for a sunlit walk along the South Bank.


DIIV’s strange and beautiful psych, held together with Joy Division-esque beats and sprinkled with Zachary Cole Smith’s ethereal vocals, will carry you through the city in a perfect haze.


No 2014 playlist should be without the late master himself, Lou ReedTransformer’s anthemic Perfect Day will get you home in the highest spirits.


Nocturnal brilliance from Brighton’s incredible surf-doom trio, The WytchesBeehive Queen and Crying Clown are both perfect for lonely nights in and strange nights out. YouTube their new single Robe for Juda, for more swirling, dark psychedelica and impossibly heavy breaks.


Nick Drake is your perfect companion for the lonely walk home, or the idle post-party stroll. Quietly hopeful and sweetly melancholic, this is nostalgic rural psychedelica to beat any looming hangover. Put on Road or Pink Moon, and plan summer road trips.

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