The rise of Victoria Beckham

From pop princess to sophisticated stylist – how did Victoria Beckham become the fashion world’s latest darling?


Mother of four, WAG, fashion designer and former pop star: Victoria Beckham pretty much has it all. She began her music career in 1994 when she became a fifth of the Spice Girls. The wildly popular girl band had everyone going “zig-a-zig ahh” when their single Wannabe became a number one hit in 31 countries. The band sold over 55 million records worldwide but eventually decided to split in 2001, and Posh Spice chose to focus on her work as a solo artist. She failed to achieve the same success, and not long after, Telestar Records dismissed her as a result of the company’s bankruptcy.

However, it was not long before Victoria not only had a Hermes Birkin handbag in every colour (totalling a whopping £1.5 million) dangling on one arm, but also a gorgeous and talented footballer hanging off the other. David and Victoria Beckham’s lavish fairytale wedding, designed by Vera Wang, enticed Posh into the wonderful world of the footballers’ wives and girlfriends (WAGs). The 19 carat diamond ring on her finger managed to double her status in the celebrity realm, as well as multiplying her luxurious wardrobe. Her status as a trend-setter, newly decided by the magazine glossies, gave her the courage to use fashion as her stepping stone to increased fame and stardom.

After making a guest appearance on the catwalk for Maria Gabbana in 2000, Victoria was briefly a London Fashion Week model and an ambassador for Dolce and Gabbana. The fashionista soon began designing a limited edition fashion line for Rock and Republic in 2004, focusing on upmarket jeans, and then launched her own denim label and sunglasses collection. Indeed, of the famous obsession with oversized sunglasses that has become her trademark, she notes they “also happen to hide the fact that I’ve been up all night with my three children and didn’t have time to put any eye make-up on”.

Victoria continued to excel in fashion terms by launching her own Victoria Beckham collections, which have shown regularly at New York Fashion Week since 2008. The fashion press raved about her classic designs, with Cheryl Cole, Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz all wearing her designs. Indeed, Victoria won Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2011.

However, the international style icon did not stop there. Victoria decided to spice up her life and announced last week that she will soon be opening her first flagship store in London. Based in the heart of the Mayfair shopping district on Dover Street, and neighbouring Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, Victoria hopes to bring “something that is really new, really fresh. Something a little bit conceptual but not too much.” The store is rumoured to be opening in early 2014, with, naturally, the starriest fashion party opening of the year. More importantly, will it be in time for London Fashion Week?