Desmond defaced – racism at King’s?

Mystery sticker appears on Tutu photograph.


A mystery sticker has appeared on the photograph of the former Archbishop Desmond Tutu outside the Strand campus.

The sticker appears to be from the Post Office for goods sent outside of the EU, and the words “Deface this” have been written by hand over the text.

The intention behind this vandalism is unclear at present. The fact that the sticker was for goods leaving the UK has led to concerns that the defacement may have been racially motivated.

It is not known at present how long the sticker has been on the photo.

Photographs outside the Strand Campus have been defaced on a number of previous occasions. One of the more notable instances was last year’s attack on the photograph of Lord Carey, labelling him a “raging homophobe”.

Tutu, who studied at Kings in the 1960s and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, is most famous for being one of the leading campaigners against Apartheid in South Africa.

He was made a Fellow of King’s in 1978, and was a visiting professor in Post-Conflict Societies at King’s in the spring term of 2004.