Where to avoid: Mayfair

The highs and lows (mostly lows) of those expensive Mayfair clubs.


When I got an invite to attend an event in Mayfair, straight away I thought just one thing: I am the shoe on the Monopoly board. It was likely that I’d have to dress up in some extravagant dress, five-inch heels and act like posh totty all night (note my use of the word “act”).

But I have to admit, there is a certain level of novelty when attending a club in Mayfair; you’re bound to bump into someone from TOWIE or Made In Chelsea, but at the same time, you’re bound to be spending at least £20 on a drink.

I was, however, guaranteed free drinks all night on a VIP table at Movida, so we took the plunge and went along; free entry for all girls, and free drinks for all girls – what does that tell you? Although on the outset this may seem great for the young, penniless, female student living in London, can’t you hear the alarm bells ringing?

Nonetheless, my experience in Mayfair did NOT give me free drinks all night as promised. Instead, I received ONE free drink from my promised table, had to pay an entry fee of £10 and also (to keep my buzz) had to pay another £10 per drink at the bar away from the VIP area.

I think these kind of nights are great for Londoners if you’re working in the City or some high-end law firm, but for the first year History student who scrapes for the pennies just for a tin of beans? I don’t think so.

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