London: city of cutting edge inspiration

I have always and will always offer London as my favourite city for fashion because of the inimitably cool and unashamedly British style that it has cultivated.

As much as I hate the phrase, London embraces its ‘home grown’ designers in a big way, and champions new names in the industry every year, providing an invaluable platform for those striving to make it in an incredibly tough industry. Not only this, but we are home to one of the best high streets in the world, and the marriage of fast fashion and high design grows continually, making fashion accessible to everyone. Designer collaborations with some of our best-loved brands are proving an amazing platform for emerging talent, and I am continually amazed by the support offered by powerhouse brands. My favourite designers at the moment, our most exciting design talent, are all British and have based themselves in London – the likes of JW Anderson, Christopher Kane, Louise Gray and Henry Holland – are all highlights of Fashion Week due to their unique take on the London style that they are growing to determine.

Working and living in London means that I’m exposed to the incredible street style that we all see every day. The clash of different trends, styles and characters created through outfits never ceases to amaze me and make me strive to change my style without fear. London’s fashion creativity is best explored through its street style. My own street style is nourished by this exposure to different trends, and also by the ample opportunity for part-time work that London offers students. I’m able to work in one of London’s busiest shopping districts, which means I can experience fashion trends, news and events firsthand, as well as being able to fund student life. With King’s Strand Campus being located right next to Somerset House, we as students are able to see firsthand the circus of London Fashion Week, as well as being next to the location for many exciting fashion exhibits.

As a blogger I know that London is the best place for me to be in terms of events, news, and cutting edge inspiration. Furthermore, London bloggers have a great community that grows every season, and we’re seeing more and more of our best online faces in the front row of shows, or collaborating with labels – both things that are amping up the spotlight for fashion blogging, providing a great launch pad for young bloggers like myself.

King’s students are in the lucky position that they can experience fashion trends, news and moments every day, whether they choose to or not, because we are immersed in London’s unique take on fashion, a take that the rest of the world is, and will continue, to watch every season.

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