Sebastiaan Debrouwere’s statement on the all-male sabb team

In many ways, it is a problem indeed that we don’t have any female sabbatical officers: there are more female students than male ones in King’s, and more female voters in the election. Many excellent candidates were female – in particular, I think of my opponent Kiki Johnson, who did amazing work in the past year and is without a shade of doubt a shining example of female achievement.

Personally, I feel very strongly about the feminist cause, and have included it in my manifesto and plans for next year. KCLSU needs to be at the helm of any movements that make our university more inclusive and campaigns against discrimination – whether it is on basis of gender, creed, ethnicity or sexual orientation. This will be one of my top priorities, and from my point of view, the gauntlet has been thrown down and the challenge accepted: I will try to make sure that next year’s team is the most active and most effective in making King’s a fairer place where opportunities are available to all – regardless of gender. This may very well be an all-male sabbatical team, but we’ll do everything we can to make sure our policies are everything but all-male!