KCL Feminist Society hosts Laura Bates

Next week, KCL Feminist Society is hosting a talk by Laura Bates, founder of the Everyday Sexism
Project. After graduating from Cambridge, Bates spent some time working as an actress, an
occupation which dealt her first-hand experience of misogynistic treatment, and exposed to her the
media’s preoccupation with the appearance of women. Frustrated by this experience, she decided to
set up the Everyday Sexism Project, an online forum which documents the incidences of sexism that
women face in their everyday lives. She describes the project as an attempt to expose what she felt
was an invisible problem, and to express not only how far reaching the problem of sexism is, but also
to reveal the connections between the ‘spectrum of gender imbalance’, and the ways in which minor
incidences of sexism are important, and should not be ignored. The response to the Everyday Sexism
Project has been overwhelmingly positive – almost 20,000 stories have now been posted, and the
project has featured in a wide variety of newspapers, on the radio and on television, including in the
Observer, the Times, and on ITV and BBC Radio 4. Bates has gone on to write for publications such
as the Independent, the Guardian and the Huffington Post. She also contributes to Women Under
Siege, a project which aims to demonstrate that rape is used as a tool of war, and campaigns for the
end of this practice, and for measures to be put in place to halt gender-based genocide.

This event will take place on February 5th, at Strand Campus in room K2.31, and will consist of a talk,
then a question and answer session, with a chance at the end to make an anonymous contribution
to a book that Laura Bates is currently researching, about sexism in universities. Doors will open at
6.00pm for a 6.30pm start. The event is free, and open to everyone!

You can confirm your attendance by clicking here.