Pretentious European Soc?

Oh that old boring bunch called the European Society. If I was interested in sitting around with geriatric EU officials and discussing the depletion of cod in the Baltic Sea, I’d probably join. Likewise, if I was interested in pretentious wine bars, meeting pretentious students and sacrificing a couple of hours every few weeks to generally pretentious behaviour, I’d probably also join. I would also forgive you instantly if this is the image that our society brings to mind and apologise in advance if this is the sort of group that you were looking for. And if it was, try UCL or LSE’s student unions – they’re pretty good at anything that reeks of snobbery.

So what are we about then? In writing this, am I trying to spin you all a gigantic lie? Am I trying to convince you that we’re a bunch of chilled out, doped-up mods who illegally squat in Camden while depleting our class A drug supply (as opposed to cod in the Baltic Sea)? Not exactly. But as our opening event at the Costa Dorada bar showed on Thursday the 18th, we don’t half know how to knock a few drinks back. Well, that and the fact that English men don’t know how to dance. My chicken dance used to woo crowds of fascinated young girls back in primary school; nowadays it leads to nothing but isolation and a lonely walk home – though my new MC Hammer DVD should solve this.

Far from a talking shop then, the European Society simply aims to bring together students from across all departments who have an interest in any aspect of Europe – including, yes, cheap beer. From monthly cultural events such as visits to European cinemas, to trips to continental Europe (watch this space) and general, themeless p***-ups to celebrate the Euro’s collapse, we should have something for just about all of you. What’s more, there are NO JOINING FEES, though if the Euro implodes, we may impose some and then send the proceeds to our European brothers in the form of a KCL bailout. I should add at this stage that we won’t be celebrating the Euro’s collapse and that I will probably be in trouble for writing that little remark. Still, I hope that this article has caught your attention and that you’ll follow us on our website (, Facebook and come along to future events. No pretentiousness, I swear…

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