Neuroscientists: zombie maniacs or secret geniuses?

Not to detract from those (especially with Halloween coming up), but it also encompasses topics relevant to all of us.  Ever felt your brain wasn’t in tip- top condition after Wednesday night drinking? Ever gotten “high” (on things like exercise of course – we’d never promote recreational drugs, although they are fascinating?) How accountable are you for your actions?  Or did you ever wonder just how a genius is created?

Neuroscience addresses all of these and is truly multidisciplinary, with applications, not just in biomedical science, but also significantly in Philosophy, Anthropology, Maths, and even Economics.

The KCL Neuroscience society is still green.  Founded just over three years ago, it’s an up and coming society within the Biomedical community at King’s.  World leading experts have come in to talk about topics ranging from Art and Colour, Mindfulness and Tibetan monks, IQ and Social Cognition, and even Pain and Pleasure (more informative, but just as riveting as a certain bestseller).

But we have big plans this year.

NeuroAid, our charity division, have decided to fundraise to build a new health centre in Sierra Leone – a project spearheaded by our own Clementina, a Neuroscience undergrad. The current aim is £300K, of which £3k has already been raised.  Although it will be a general health centre, there will be a mental health aspect – currently global mental health is a hugely underfunded area but especially so in the developing world.

Back at home, we’re launching a new blog entitled “The King’s Brains” and creating an active network with Neuroscience alumni.  In addition, we are also holding talks by leading experts on the creative, musical brain, aggressive personalities, as well as careers and course related informal advice sessions.

Of course we still plan to carry on successful ventures such as the introduction of the global Brain Awareness Week to KCL, when local primary school children came in for an interactive, fun day learning about the brain.  We will also continue raising money for Parkinson’s research (many thanks to Geeksoc for helping out last year – never knew some dice had so many sides!).

We’re rapidly growing and are looking for equally enthusiastic people who are passionate about the mind and mental and neurological health, to join us at this exciting time.

Whether you’re a neuroscience fresher, a PhD student or just interested in how the mind works, we want to make your brain buzz!

But zombies, crazy scientists, and Frankenstein’s monster all have their place too: we’re having a NeuroAid Halloween Three Legged Pub Crawl on 29th October.  We have fun and prizes (including a “Best Dressed” category) and drinking games lined up in the name of charity, so stumble by and see what we’re all about!  

Drop us a line at, tweet us @kclneuroscisoc, or find us on facebook as “KCL Neurosoc“.