Trendy Sustainability in the KCL Environment Society Fashion Show

On the evening of 8 February, King’s College London’s fashion enthusiasts came together in the Grand Hall to celebrate sustainable brands.

The brands participating in the event were Soumati, ASOS, Adidas/Parley, Riley Studios, and Filippa K.

Although only half the audience were filled and the starting time forty minutes postponed, the show was an impactful event filled with insightful and surprising facts.

Before the show started, the Environment Society (EcoSoc) representatives gave the spectators an overview on the severe environmental impact of the fashion industry .

They opened their presentation with the fact that one truck of textiles is thrown out every second. Throughout the presentation, the hosts warned the audience of the environmental risks of fast fashion such as microplastics and the waste of water, and also weighed the social aspect of working conditions.

Giving the example of the 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh, the presenters stated that non-environmental consequences of the fashion industry were as important as the environmental ones.

After the informatory portion was over, the sustainable clothes of each brand were presented.

The first brand to showcase their work was Soumati, a slow fashion brand that chooses to use “certified organic and fair-trade garments” as well as material that is responsibly made.

The second company presented was the shoe line created between Adidas and Parley. The line was created with the incentive to stop the production of microplastic. With its ocean inspired design all their shoes are made of Parley Ocean Plastic.

Riley studios was a particularly interesting brand as they only work with upcycled materials such as pineapple leather. Its representative mentioned that the company played a role in “making sustainable become everyday”.

Filippa K was the last brand presented. Founded in 1993 at Sweden, they present timeless pieces produced abiding strictly to the four Rs: reduce, repair, reuse, recycle.

The models on the catwalk were all KCL students and KCL DJ Society provided an entertaining soundtrack to the experience.

Overall, the fashion show was an educating experience: it challenged the audience to think twice about what they are wearing and the choices they make to create an healthy environment.