London Varsity threatened

It was revealed on Thursday in a joint statement with UCLU and KCLSU that the popular London Varsity would not be taking place as the situation currently stands. The statement read, ‘After a period of consultation between UCL Union and KCLSU it is with regret that the decision has been made not to go ahead with the traditional rugby matches between UCL and KCL under the banner of The London Varsity as a result of incidents and behaviour at the 2012 event. Representatives from both institutions have been left with no other option than to cancel the event in an attempt to protect the safety of the student body and the reputation of both Unions.’

The misleading statement then condemned the troublemakers at last year’s spectacle at Twickenham Stoop, including King’s very own Reggie the Lion mascot who spent the night in a cell, and a King’s alumnus who was arrested for assault: ‘We are saddened that the acts of a few have forced us to make this decision and we hope that those whose behaviour has led to this decision will reflect on their actions.’ Crowd trouble and pitch invasions from a small minority of students from both colleges caused the men’s match to be paused several times.

Motivated by the onslaught of impassioned responses, Kiki Johnson, KCLSU VP Activities and Facilities, wished to clarify the statement and released her own: ‘There’s been some confusion over the statement released yesterday by KCLSU and UCLU about the 2013 Varsity. It’s perhaps not clear on a few points and I’d like to clarify these. Firstly, Varsity is NOT cancelled, but due to incidents last year changes have to be made to the event… We will continue to work towards providing a 2013 Varsity which both players and spectators can be proud of.’

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Ben Jackson
Ben Jackson

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