Julian Markham House Students Officially “Moving In” In December

You think that “welcoming” parties always happen in the beginning of the year? Residents of Julian Markham House prove you wrong!

As the end of the first semester is approaching, students living in Julian Markham accommodation were pleased to hear the great news that “We are finally having our “moving in” party!”.

After a couple of self-organised fiestas, this was going to be the first official party of the accommodation. Everyone was looking forward to the promised free food, drinks and music, although this was nearly the third time there was supposed to be a party:

First attempt: “It was initially meant to be in early October” – sounds great!

Second attempt: “Unite contacted us in mid-October” – hey, it’s still in October!

Third time lucky: But right when students thought they are having a party, it appeared that: “the caterer wasn’t free until November”. October, November, still good to go.

However, as the first week of November approached, residents received their Christmas present earlier:

“Caterer later got back to us saying they made a mistake and weren’t actually available on that date, so we moved it to the 30th”.

And here we are, officially moving in on the November 30th! I wonder if we can receive refunds for not living in the accommodation during the first two months?

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