Tens, Tens, Tens across the board: Strictly Come Dance Soc 2018


On 16 November, Greenwood Theatre became a venue for a night no one would forget. Fourteen dancers paired with athletes, society members and big names around campus went head to head for the Champion’s Trophy.

The annual event was organised by KCL Dance Society and King’s Raise and Give (RAG) Society in order to raise money for charity. The turnout for the event was phenomenal – all tickets were sold out well before the performance itself and all its 450 seats would be filled during the event.

Strictly Come dance Soc 2018 started off with a fantastic introduction video made by Film Society introducing the hosts, Sam Bott from RAG and Nikki Letteri from Dance Soc, judges, Jake Marshall, Tom Francis and Radia Salifu, and all competitors.

Fourteen different genres were presented to the audience, from belly dancing to jazz funk. The practice videos and interviews of the participants during preparation periods left no time for the audience to feel even slightly bored – everyone’s eyes were glued to the stage at all times.

Although all performances were remarkable, one fan favourite was Noga Arad and Jamie McParlin from KCL LGBT+ Society. Dancing to Rupaul’s ‘Sissy that Walk’, they vogued into the audience’s hearts. Despite receiving a thunderous applause after their dance, they did not make it into the top three best contenders.

Sophie Rivett and Ash Dasari from Guy’s Hospital RFC came in third showing off their marvellous contemporary duet succeeding in all attempted lifts.

In second place was Paula Koller and Rohan Shaffery from GKT FC presenting Flamenco. The intricate and detailed step sequences helped them solidify their top two place.

Nicky Screawn and Henry Thomas from KCL Rugby snatched the first place trophy with their outstanding burlesque choreography. Their main performance as well as their winner’s encore received a roaring reaction from the audience.

In addition to the fourteen performances, KCL Fusion Jazz, Hip Hop and Reggaeton filled the half time and ending stages.

In total, Strictly Come Dance Soc 2018 helped earn over £3,600 which will go to Penguins Against Cancer and Single Homeless Project (SHP).

Photos: Filippos Papadopoulos