Correction: Lord Carey

The Dean of King’s College London has asked Roar! to make our readers aware of a misquotation printed in the cover story of our most recent issue, regarding comments made by Lord Carey. We quoted him as saying, “We have to resist them”, which we took to refer to gay couples. This quotation was found in, amongst others, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and The Independent. On studying footage of Carey’s speech at the Conservative Party Conference, however, we’ve seen that he in fact said, “We have to resist this”, referring instead to a more general culture of name-calling. Although only different by one word, it changes the context in which the line can be, and was, interpreted. We apologise for and hereby redact the false information provided.

However, we reaffirm the crux of the article and the standpoint of Roar! that Lord Carey’s opinions are bigoted. This is based on later quotations such as the following: “Same sex relationships are not the same as heterosexual relationships and should not be put on the same level.” (This does not match the transcript available on Carey’s website, which we assume has yet to be updated with his embellishments.) The implication that homosexual relationships are in any way inferior to heterosexual ones is one we believe to be deeply offensive, archaic and something the College should seek to distance itself from immediately.

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