KCLSU Candidates Involved in Libertarian Society Protests

KCLSU Election candidates were involved in the disruption of the Libertarian Society event on Monday night.

Laura Wormington, candidate for Vice President Education (Arts & Sciences), Robert Liow, the uncontested Vice President Welfare & Community candidate, and Asif Khapedi, a candidate for NUS National Conference Delegate, have been identified by Roar, amongst disruptors of the KCL Libertarian Society talk.

The event, held on Monday at the Edmond J.Safra Lecture Theatre in the Strand Campus, was interrupted by masked protesters who stormed the stage and released smoke bombs. Roar previously reported from the event where controversial speakers YouTuber Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin) and Dr Yaron Brook were set to discuss free speech and Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism.

Left circled Laura Wormington, Right circled Asif Khapedi

After masked activists entered the lecture hall, protestors from the College, standing on the other side of the room, were pictured standing with a banner which stated: ‘Students Fight The Alt-Right’ in their own attempt to disrupt the event. Amongst the number of protestors who stood on the left hand side of the lecture theatre, were Laura Wormington, Robert Liow and Asif Khapedi, all of whom attempted to cover their faces from view.

Pictured… Robert Liow

Liow, who is running uncontested for a Vice President’s position on the KCLSU board, is featured in a black hat, red bandana and black jumper, and carries a bullhorn which he proceeds to set off, emitting an alarm-like sound. 

Wormington, pictured in black, made attempts to cover her face with the banner she was carrying when students began to video the protests.

Khapedi, who wears a blue and burgundy scarf, aids Wormington in holding the banner.

From (L-R) – Laura Wormington, Asif Khapedi, Robert Liow

Since the protests, Roar has noticed these candidates changed their names on Facebook.

Voting polls closed at 5pm tonight. Results will be released at 8pm.

Screenshots courtesy of Youtube.

We are keen to clarify that this article in no way attempts to link the actions of peaceful protestors we have named (Robert Liow, Laura Wormington, Asif Khapedi) to the actions of masked protestors. We once again reiterate there are no violent links present.