Car parked outside Maughan allegedly belongs to Mr. Byrne

A car parked outside the Maughan Library on the walkway is alleged to be that of College Principal Ed Byrne.


The 2014 Audi Q3 S Line has been left outside of the main entrance for at least the last four days, drawing queries from College members.


The entrance to the Maughan Library is a pedestrianised area, which operates under a standard procedure of not usually permitting cars to enter the walkway.

The snow-topped white Audi is pictured, parked at the Maughan Library.

It is not yet clear why Mr Byrne’s car is parked at the Maughan, but an anonymous source who initially complained about the car’s presence states: “At a time of industrial action at KCL with disruption to students it is not appropriate. This would be bad at any time of year, but right now, it is flabbergasting.”



The car is to be removed as a matter of urgency.