KCL Climate Activist remanded in custody

Roger Hallam, a PhD researcher at King’s College London, noted for his protests against fossil fuel use last academic year, has been held in prison on remand after ‘repeated acts of civil disobedience’ after a campaign to stop air pollution. 

In an open letter published on his behalf on social media, it is stated that Mr. Hallam, alongside other ‘Stop Killing Londoners’ campaigners, has been remanded in custody.

On Friday, Hallam wrote to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to express his disagreement with the “social murder of thousands of our citizens in London…for over a decade due to toxic air pollution.” Hallam went on to note the devastating consequences for London if it continues to ignore the “imminent collapse” of the city and the “devastating, extreme weather events” taking place.

In the open letter, it is stated Hallam and a group of campaigners painted messages on the outside of City Hall which “resulted in imprisonment” for “up to 23.5 hours a day”. As a response, Hallam and his counterparts have taken to a hunger strike.

Hallam and his fellow campaigners will remain on remand until Tuesday 14th November, and they are asking supporters to assist their efforts through a variety of means, including writing a letter to Sadiq Khan and contributing financially to their cause.

Hallam was previously arrested in March 2017 on the Strand Campus, following a peaceful protest and hunger strike against the College’s investment in fossil fuels.

He now wishes to meet “face-to-face” with the London mayor to ensure the demands of the campaigners are heard.

To find out more about the ‘Stop Killing Londoners’ campaign, click here.

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