KCLSU Freshers’ Ball 2017: A Masquerade at KOKO

Last Monday, KCLSU Freshers’ Ball 2017 unmasked itself at KOKO. The theme was ‘Masquerade’ and the event was entertained by performances from artists such as The Dixon Brothers and Chase Neller.

The promise of “mysterious revelry” made to students attending this year’s KCLSU Fresher’s Ball was a promise kept. The white stucco and grand pillars of KOKO’s facade anticipated the elegant setting waiting for students inside.

The long line of students in front of the cloakroom, could only be matched in magnitude by the battle around the photo booth. New-found friends posed with dancers in swan costumes with white feathers and glittery body suits – this may just have been their first official photo as an entity.

Although most removed their masks upon entry, some extraordinary venetian masks and seductive black lace masks could be spotted.

It was as though the act of removing the mask after the entrance was a call to freedom – dancing was wild. The Dixon Brothers’ funky remixes of old school tunes reunited past and future. Freshers did not shy away from grooving to the beats, even if their moves occasionally involved using your elbow to shove some people aside.

Incredible acrobats also accompanied the show. However, they were hardly in the background with one smoothly swinging herself up her trapeze, and the other graciously sliding through her red hoop while in a split.

KOKO’s bewitching setting, with its curved, dark red baluster, only enhanced the mysterious atmosphere surrounding the performances. The scene and the College’s freshest members could be observed (or spied on) from the three levels overlooking the ground floor. The Russian roulette and chandeliers further added to the grandeur of the experience.

Although most probably still felt anonymous in the overwhelming crowd, all were united by the large golden letters KCL on the front of the DJ desk, a majestic reminder of the embarkment into a legendary university experience.

Dazed and confused, leavers could glance at the illuminated “KOKO” sign enthroned above the venue’s balcony one last time, reminding them of the elegance they left behind – or was it their keys?


Photography Credits: KCLSU Events, Original Sin