Student opinion is in… What do you think of the US elections so far?

ROAR! asks students how they feel about the US elections:

Bryan, third-year PPL:


“I think it’s not an election, but a referendum of common decency. Trump is not a politician, he doesn’t want to build bridges between people – he wants to build a wall. I’m not a huge fan of Hillary; I don’t agree with how she sways with the wind. She’s your typical slippery politician, but she has a good idea of how to run America. She may not be ideal for the job, but she is definitely the best person running.”



Jun, first-year Geography (allegedly):


“I think this election is great. I hope Trump wins, it’ll be great for minorities like me(!) No one makes a comeback like Trump. Maybe he can pull a comeback for America?”

Nick, third-year PPL:


“The outcome is going to be horrible either way. If I had to vote I’d go for Hillary, but she’s a standard corporate politician. Trump is an idiot.”


Amy, third-year English:


“So I was originally a Bernie supporter, but now I want anything but Trump. I’m disappointed because I wanted to do postgraduate study in America, but now I’m not sure. I think it would be bad for people of colour and would validate racism. Over here, Brexit unleashed a racist mindset and I think a Trump presidency would validate those feelings.”


Echo, second-year Politics:

dscf6440“I’m supporting Hillary because I’m not crazy [laughs]. Trump would be an interesting thing, but Hillary has a plan – Trump would be hilarious. I think the American stock market would crash, but I personally think it all depends on whether they [Democrats] lose the Senate.”


Matthew and Reasa, Bouncers at Waterfront Bar:


“Hillary Clinton, YAY! Donald Trump, NO!”

Tonya, Bouncer at Waterfront Bar:


“I am very excited about the elections. I feel as if I am at a football stadium. I support Clinton, she is a nice lady.”




2:30AM – Mood sours as Trump wins Florida



Christian Wood, first-year Politics:


“I’m sickened, disgusted, the close mindedness of society I thought was over after Brexit, but it’s happening again and it’s embarrassing.”

Tara, MSc Forensic Mental Health:


“I’m pissed because some people think it is actually funny to support Trump, to discriminate minorities. They’re just validating his racist and bigoted comments.”

Peder, first year History:

“Certainly Clinton. Clinton is gonna win, definitely. After California, I think Clinton will win. I was quite disappointed when it comes to the candidates. Trump…that speaks for itself. Clinton, she has experience, but still she’s not a genuinely good choice.”


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