Fish Sticks Gillty of Stamford Street Fire

(Credit: King's College London)

(Credit: King’s College London)

The cause of the blaze is rumoured to be fish sticks.

A fire started at Block Two of Stamford Street Apartments this Tuesday. The alarm was raised at around 5:30pm, allowing students to evacuate from their rooms. No-one is believed to be harmed.

Ben Winch, a student living in the block, said “It smelled really bad. I was concerned when I saw lots of smoke coming out of the block. Luckily, the fire did not persist for long.”

Firefighters used little water to extinguish the blaze since it was mainly smoke. Later, the marshals gave a stern warning to students who did not correctly follow the evacuation procedure.

While most of the students returned to their flats, those living in Block Two were unable to return to their rooms until 6.30pm.

The incident occurred only a month after another fresher burned down his dorm room at Great Dover Street, after leaving a faulty hairdryer on a pile of clothes.

Derrick Fernando, another Block Two resident, said, “Besides staying outside in the cold for about an hour, I had fun talking to people I never met. It was pretty funny how students did not really care about the seriousness of this event, as you can see them pulling out their phones and taking selfies.”

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