King’s to Open Libraries 24*7

The Maughan Library

For the first time ever, King’s Libraries will be open 24*7 in a six month trial, the College has announced.

From now until Friday, June 10 the Maughan, Franklin-Wilkins, New Hunt’s House and Weston Education Centre will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whereas, the St Thomas’ Library opening hours will be extended (8.30-20.30) from Monday to Friday.

Students at other University of London institutions such as LSE and UCL already have 24 hour access to their libraries.

During the trial period the College will be monitoring the usage of the libraries in order to see whether the extra financial and environmental costs are justified.

Ben Hunt, Vice President for Education (Arts and Sciences) said: “I am delighted to announce that KCLSU has won the campaign to open our libraries 24*7.”

He attributed the decision to the efforts of past and present Education Officers and asked that students use the facilities in order to ensure the success of the trial.

Second year Theology student Natalie Faber was ecstatic to hear about this new decision. She told Roar that 24*7 library access was “a fantastic step forward in ensuring that all students can perform at their best while studying.”

Camille Chatakondu, a second year International Relations student, expressed what many students would be thinking in response to the news:

“A 24*7 library will make desperate all-nighters that little bit easier!.”