Exclusive: King’s Agrees to Provide Gender Neutral Toilets by January 2016

During a discussion last night members of staff agreed that there will be at least one gender neutral toilet on each campus by January 2016.

Representatives of transgender groups at King’s LGBT+ Society have been working on this campaign for months and felt the meeting was necessary to push the college to take further action. Several members of the LGBT+ Society spoke of the mental and physical issues that have arisen from the lack of gender neutral toilets. It was emphasised that this was not a want, but a necessity for transgender people.

President of the LGBT+ Society, Travis Alabanza, said “We forced this open meeting to happen because the college, prior to this, has not been taking quick action. The result of this meeting is that the college has now promised that by January Strand, Guys and Waterloo campuses will have gender neutral toilets.”

Students organising this campaign have been receiving emails from the college for weeks with no outcome. Head of Councils Operation, James Turner, apologised to the students: “I’m sorry that people feel they’ve had to put so much time and energy into the campaign in order to get us to listen. We were listening.”

The KCLSU Council have also passed a motion to include gender neutral toilets in any new KCLSU spaces.