Message for Indian PM Projected on UK Parliament Building

On Sunday evening, a large picture of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wielding a sword alongside a Swastika was projected onto the British House of Commons. This bold stunt organized by a UK based anti-Modi protest group – Awaaz- made headlines throughout the world.

Many international media publications alleged that the viral image was photoshopped. However, Amrit Wilson, writer, activist and founder member of Awaaz, confirmed to Roar News that the picture wasn’t photoshopped and infact, it was beamed on the landmark building for 7-8 minutes.

Modi NOT Welcome to UK – Not In Our NameModi NOT Welcome to UK – Not In Our Name

Posted by AwaazNetwork on Sunday, November 8, 2015

Modi was boycotted by Britain for a decade, now even though a grand reception is awaiting him at the Wembley Stadium on November 13, many are not looking forward to his visit. His silence on right wing activities in India has caused individuals and organisations like the Awaaz Network to protest against his visit. Many students are expected to join the protest by Awaaz Network on November 12.

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